(6 Capsules 500-mg)

Alpina-6 a unique medicine effectively controls blood pressure fluctuation. It also reduces and moralizes level of cholesterol and need not be administered regularly.

But, since centuries, Indians had known some powerful natural arthritis fighters. Boswellia and Turmeric. Rhulief is full of the healing goodness of purified turmeric and boswellia extracts. With standardized and much enhanced effectiveness, thanks to the latest technology in us e.
Extensively tested for clinical efficacy, Rhulief gives soothing relief from rheumatic complaints.

Composition :
(Each 500 -mg capsule contains)

Arjuna 150mg
Aela 150mg
Aelaparani 100mg
Jeni 50mg
Pushkala 50mg

Indication : Hypertension, Hypo-tension, insomnia, Nerve weakness, Rheumatic pain and increased cholesterol.

Dosage :
One capsule thrice a day. (Initial dose may be increased gradually to elicit good result)

Presentation :

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