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The statics are there for everyone to see. And they are frightening. Diabetes in India has assumed epidemic proportions - 25 to 30 million people suffer from this silent killer. In fact, it is estimated - by the WHO - that by year 2000 every fourth diabetic in the world will be an Indian and by 2025, the diabetic population in India will be poised to cross the 50 million mark!

On the one hand the harsh reality of the situation is that if diabetes is not controlled it threatens to become one of the biggest scourges of the 21st century. On the other, it is a sad fact that even though diabetes has been known to man for about 30 centuries no allopathic cure has yet been found for the disease.


Diabetes is a condition where there is too much sugar - glucose - in the blood. Sugar of course, is a source of energy and is therefore essential to our body cells but too much of it causes problems. For the body cells to absorb sugar a secretion called insulin, produced in the pancreas, is needed. An insufficient supply or a lack of insulin causes an accumulation of sugar in the blood as the body is unable to process glucose. This is the most common form of diabetes and is known as diabetes mellitus or Type I (insulin-dependency) Diabetes and the sufferer requires lifelong monitoring. Blood sugar levels can swing wildly between hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Type I Diabetes usually first appears in those who are under the age of 35, particularly adolescents and develops rapidly.
Type II (maturity-onset) Diabetes is thought to be caused by the body cells' lack of response to insulin. It usually affects people aged 40 and over and there is an association with obesity and pregnancy. The onset of Type II is gradual and may go unnoticed for a while.


Excessive thirst, excessive urination, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, apathy, excessive hunger, bad breath, sleepiness, non-healing wounds, repeated infections and visual disturbances are some signs that may be indications of your being diabetic. However, not everyone displays all these symptoms. Some may not display any symptoms and the disease may be noticed by a doctor during a routine check-up or when the patient develops a complication like a heart attack, high blood pressure or a kidney dysfunction.

The most important thing to remember is that diabetes is not infectious and cannot be 'picked up' from anyone. Heredity plays a part in furthering diabetes.
Also important to remember is that diabetes is not merely high blood sugar - it is a far more serious disease and can affect all the body organs. If not checked it can lead to acute and long-term complications.

Diabetes is a leading cause in heart attacks, the third most important factor in blindness, a major contributor in kidney failure and a leading factor in non-traumatic leg amputations.
Diabetes however can be retarded, regulated and controlled by anyone who takes precautionary measures both in his/her eating habits and lifestyle.
At present there is no allopathic cure for the disease. Though with allopathic medication diabetes can be kept well under control.


One point that we have not considered so far is alternate medicine Many diseases, considered incurable by us today, were documented and cures, using traditional medicines, were known for these in days of yore. Perhaps because of the secrecy of formula used and the fact. that these formulations were traditionally passed down to generations of the same family -many cures were lost to us. But the fact that there were learned men in India's past who recorded their vast knowledge of traditional medicines on palm leaves to be viewed and read by a select few, often their own sons and grandsons, is an undisputed fact.
One such secret manuscript came to light when RN.E. Balaram, a young industrialist was met by a man wearing a sanyasi's robes after he had visited the Sri Krishna Temple, Guruvayoor. The old man gave Balaram a bundle of palm leaf texts, which contained many different formulae -mainly for diseases hitherto considered incurable. The first formula prepared from these texts was an anti-diabetic drug - a herbal medicine, a hundred per cent safe plant-derived drug. Balaram tried out the medicine on the diabetic father of a close friend. After a week the friend returned for more medicine. His father's blood sugar had fallen sharply.
Balaram was elated. It changed the way he looked at the drug. He set up a small laboratory at his factory in Thrissur and for over half a decade he and his team of researchers worked on what is now seen as a wonder cure for diabetes. However, Balaram realised
that in order for the drug to be really accepted he had to validate his research scientifically.
He took his formula to the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi. They asked him to go back to either the Amala Research Centre in Thrissur or to the Sree Chitra Institute of Medical Sciences in Thiruvananthapuram.


Dr. Ramadasan Kuttan, Director at Amala agreed to test Balaram's formula. The animal trials which lasted about one and a half years revealed that the medicine lowered the blood sugar and glycosylated haemoglobin and vitalised the liver and the kidney. But what was more dramatic was the fact that the medicine actually reversed the damage caused to the pancreatic cells. This was a major break-through. Now it was time for human testing. Dr. Kuttan chose 10 willing diabetic patients. He put them on a strict exercise and diet regimen for a month. When he found that this made little or no difference, Dr. Kuttan administered, to them, the herbal medicine. Blood sugar levels, kidney and liver functions were closely monitored and after a period of six months all the patients registered a remarkable improvement.
But the trials did not end here. The herbal drug was checked and rechecked...And so Cogent db was born.


Cogent db is made from nine commonly used herbs: most parts of the neem tree, most parts of the emblic myrobalan or the Indian gooseberry, some parts of the belliric myrobalm, the fruit of the chebu/ie myrobalan, the entire land-caltrops plant, the root of the atis root, and some parts of the jaman or black plum.

What makes Cogent db different from other anti-cliabetic drugs is its time tested, effective natural ingredients, anti-diabetic properties, its power to protect vital organs like the kidney and liver and more over its known property -to protect and repair the pancreas. It is the only known effective drug which checks diabetic complications like eye diseasesl diabetes neuropathy, diabetes nephropathy, macro vascular diseases and lower extremity problems thus enabling diabetics lead a normal life. All these make Cogent db a unique product. Today, Cogent db is available as user-friendly tablets in blister packs prepared in the most modern facilities conforming to international standards.

Colonel E.V. Krishnan of Cybele Herbal Laboratories, to whom Dr. Kuttan submitted the final technical reports on Cogent db entitled Ant/diabetic Activity of a Herbal Preparation says, "Many hours were spent to decipher the formula, to understand the meanings, to identify the herbs mentioned, and to prepare the formulations accordingly. Much more important was the struggle that went alongside to contact established institutions and scientific laboratories to test the efficacy of the formula under the most powerful modern investigative methods."

In fact Cybele Herbal Laboratories was established with the main objective of validating the rare ayurvedic formulations which were found in the palm leaf manuscripts given to Balararn. The company's mission is to make such ancient formulations available to needy millions after due testing under the most modern, scientific standards. Today even the West has evinced a keen interest in Cogent db. Once the clinical trials. undertaken by the Mayo Clinic, USA, are completed, the medicine will make inroads into the strong Western pharmaceutical markets of Europe and the USA. This is probably the best tribute we can pay to our traditional system of medicine.

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