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Introduction : Man's external quest for happiness will continue till he draws his final breath. Traditional medicine still exists and is once again on its march. However the process of civilization which drew man away from nature robbed him of the facilities God had endowed him with. Health problems have to be tackled with all resources including herbal medicine or rural medicine. These remedies are free from any side effect. No wonder more and more people, even in the advanced western countries, are taking to the natural herbal remedies for cure of diseases and better health.

The Count Down Begins Now : Count down your sugar level with time tested effective herbal health drink treatment, Dia-Tea.
herbal dia tea

Take Off With : Two cups, a day is the Sugar free way for a life of Health.

Combination : Dia tea is a perfect combination of selected herbs of Nature- Gymnema Sylvestre and Camellia synesis. This is a times-tested herbal treatment from the olden days for diabetes and effective control of blood sugar level. The benefits of nature's gift are scientifically analyzed, processed and presented to you in a simpler way.

Packing : Dia -Tea is available in convenient package of 100 gm & 200gm jars. it is available in bulk packing also.

Take Off and Count Down : Once you take off with Dia-tea you can count down your Blood Sugar level. One teaspoon of Dia-tea taken one hour after any meal acts as a remedy for sugar. The intake could be increased to two cups a day depending on the level of your blood sugar.liquified so that it is brought out more easily. The depression of the vaginal terminations further relieves irritation and spasm of the bronchioles. It is more useful as an excellent cough mixture, useful in asthma and phtisis.

Contents : The active Ingredients' Vaseiine' and Adhatodi Add' are persistent bronchodialators.

Preparation : Take one teaspoonful of Asthma Tea. Boll it in hot water for 5 minutes. Strain the decoction and drink it. It is advisable to take it in an empty stomach.

Direction : Asthma Tea should be taken two times a day, morning and evening. In acute cases dally three times also advised. One dose is one up approx, 20ml.

Advantage : Asthma Tea is available in attractive l00gm and 200gm. Pet Jars. It is available in bulk also.

Method of Preparation : Preparation of Dia-Tea is simple. Brew one teaspoon of Dia tea for 7 minutes and filter the essence and drink it. To make it more palatable a little milk or a few drops of lime can be added. Treatment should be continued at least for 90 days. To begin with Dia tea could be consumed along with drugs you are already on. Subsequently as you find the blood sugar level drop to normalcy the medicines could be discontinued. But Dia Tea may be continued.

Health Drink : Dia Tea has been proved to be a prospective Health Drink also. It could be consumed continuously by even normal persons. There are no side effect to this herbal treatment.

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