prameha gold for diabities


Description : Diabetes is a fairly manageable disease through the regular use of PRAMEHA-GOLD. PRAMEHA-GOLD is a rare combination of various barks and roots of medicinal plants. This combination is derived from the manuscript of ancient times. A formulation prepared from "Nature's own resources".

Action :

The combined hypoglycemic effect of all the ingredients prevent rise of blood sugar and improves glucose tolerance in type II Diabetes.

Improves the body metabolic conditions

Stops the weight loss & helps regain weight

Helps to control the production of insulin and brings to normal range

Helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body

Indication : For Diabetes type I and type II.

Presentation : For insulin dependent patients: do not reduce the dosage of PRAMEHA-GOLD (i.e. 2...2...2) till insulin is completely withdrawn.

Prameha gold capsules
  1. Prameha gold Forte capsules 20nos
  2. Prameha gold capsules 30nos

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