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Eves Veg Pack:

Is a specially formulated pack containing the effectiveness of thyme, vegetable extracts, babul and cucumber. It helps in making the skin smooth and soft. Controls blemishes blackheads and whiteheads, making your skin glow like a bride.

Eves Chandan Pack:
Sandalwood (Chandan) - Is most widely used for skin care in India, for its most aromatic fragrance and improving fairness of the skin. Chandan pack improves complexion, adds sheen and enhances beauty. Made from sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose & herbal extracts.

Eves Rose Pack:
Is a nourishing face pack that provides a dramatically different treatment against weariness and stress. Developed specifically with rose petals, rose oil & herbs it fights wrinkles and counteracts dehydration, which is the principal cause of ageing.

Eves Fresh Fruit Pack:
Is a very special pack made from fruit pulp & fruit juices, brings immediate glow & radiance to the face. Imparts velvety smoothness long & lasting glow & enhances.

Eves Almond Pack:
Made of an exclusive blend of sandalwood, almond, exotic herbs and turmeric with its antiseptic properties. This face pack improves complextion of skin by minimizing freckles, blotches and rashes. Ideal for oily skin types.

Eves Protein Pack:
Is a power full revatiliser for normal to dry skin types. Removes all pollutants and impurities from the skin surface. Reinforced with natural moisturisers, it restores the ideal acid alkaline balance and keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Contains milk protein, wheat germ, honey lemon oil and vitamins.

Eves Floral Pack:
A unique formula with floral extracts of lily, jasmine, sunflower, marigold & thyme gives firmness to skin, clears wrinkles, add sheen, imparts youthful glow & makes skin soft, supple & radiant.

Eves Aelovera Pack:
Is a special pack with goodness of aelovera, fruits, various herbs & essential oils nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, adds sheen & enhances beauty keeps skin healthy & glowing.

Eves Fairness Pack:
An effective complexion lightening pack with combination of walnut oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sandalwood oil and rose oil promises radiant and growing complexion. Prevents skin darkening and minimizes scar's.

Eves Fruit Scrub:
Is a complete skin renewal treatment made from citrus fruits, orange and enzymes when scrubbed on your face remove dead epithelial cells and black heads leaving your face fresh and velvety. Every day use is recommended for blemishes and blackheads.

Eves Apricot Glow:
Scrub quickly unclogs pores and removes greasy oil, dirt & impurities to present a glowing skin. It helps to prevent acne & keeps the skin youthful. Apricot glow scrub is effective yet gentle enough for everyday use.

Eves Life Special:
This is a very special formulation used only by the elite clan in the ancient times, gentle massage with this cream for about 10 minutes, brings a starting fair glow to the skin & an youthful tenderness. It removes wrinkles & stretches the skin. Made from milk honeybee's wax, almond/olive/pistachio oils & other rare herbs.

Eves Fairness Cream:
This product is dedicated to those beautiful people, whose beauty will be doubly enhanced with a little more fairer skin; with a youthful fresh & vibrant look. Contains fairness promoting herbs, oil & vitamins. It makes the skin fair by maintaining oil & moisture balance & hence lighten the dark pigmentation for a fairer skin. To be used regularly at least for one months for permanent result.

Eves Saffron Care:
This cream with saffron & rare herbs removes bad pigmentation's on the face & there by clearing facial blemishes, for a clear & glowing skin, contains saffron, safflower oil, kardi oil, vitamin E oil, vitamin C, reduces dark circles and nourishes the under eye area.

Eves Peel off Mask:
This is an extra ordinary peel off mask made from orange & neem base with antiseptic & fairness promoting properties. Peels off blackheads, removes dirt & greasy matter, dead cells. It transforms a dull face into a bright & glowing face.

Eves Under Eye Cream:
Is a hydrating and nourishing night cream that protects the delicate under eye area. Made from a combination of olive oil, almond oil, safflower and pistachio, it prevents wrinkles, reduces dark circles and nourishes the under eye area.

Eves Amla Shikakai Shampoo:
Is an effective combination of amla, blended with shikakai and natural proteins which deep cleanness the scalp and hair roots, removing microbial pollutants. It penetrates hair shafts and encourages hair growth. Suitable for all types of hair. To be used everyday since it is gentle on hair.

Eves Neem Shampoo:
Is a rare ayurvedic recipe with neem costus and euphorbia thymifolia helps eliminate dandruff and protects the scalp from infections. It also prevents skin irritation, by forming a protective film on the hair, thereby giving it a natural sheen and making it more healthy.

Eves Arnica Fruit Shampoo:
Is an extra ordinary formula to give healthy body to hair with extra sheen & lusture and adds vibrancy to hair. Made of fruit juices, Samundri kai & walnut ensures strong hair roots.

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