Pankaja Kasthuri

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Breathe Ec. For Allergic Bronchitis, Eosinophilia, Cough and for building body resistance to Diseases.

How this medicine Pankaja Kasthuri can be used?
Pankaja Kasthuri is an Ayurvedic preparation, which is in granule form. This should be taken only after food and never in empty stomach as this medicine contains a lot of spices. After taking Pankaja kasthuri a glass of milk is advisable.

What is the dosage?
Fifteen grams(1 table spoon full) every morning and night after food. Half dose for children.

How many bottles have to be taken?
Our experience is that normally in the case of Asthma, eight bottles, i.e. one full course is enough for complete cure. However, patients suffering from Eosinophilia, Allergic, Bronchitis and chronic cough have found relief after taking one or two bottles. But it is advisable that such patients should from the disease for a long period may have to use eight to twelve bottles for complete cure. Using twelve bottles continuously is highly recommended.

Are there any side effects?
Pankaja kasthuri does not have any side effects at all.

Does this contain any steroids?
Our medicine 'Pankaja Kasthuri' does not contains any type of steroids.

Can Allopathy or any other medicines for the diseases like B.P, Asthma, Heart disease etc can be taken during the course of Pankaja Kasthuri?
Yes, any other medicine can be taken while Pankaja kasthuri is being consumed.

Whether a diabetic patient can use Pankaja Kasthuri?
A diabetic patient can use Pankaja kasthuri also, although our medicine contains sugar candy. How ever it is advisable that a diabetic patient should periodically check the insulin level of his blood during the course of Pankja Kasthuri.

Whether small children can be given Pankaja Kasthuri?
Yes, all people irrespective for their age can use Pankaja kasthuri.

What are the restrictions to be observed?
During the course for treatment basically there are no restrictions however it is better to avoid cold food, fruit like bananas, buttermilk, cured etc.  This will bring faster relief. Being an Ayurvedic medicine avoiding fish and meat it is better but not compulsory. Those who are in the habit of taking alcohol, it is advisable to minimize.

What is the red stone like thing found undisclosed ?
While dissolving Pankja Kasthuri in milk or any other liquid some times certain elements Similar to red stone powder will be found undisclosed . Patients may doubt that this is a stone Powder actually this is an ingredient of the medicine called Thalika Sindhooram. We have Pankajakasthuri in tablet form also packing size 60 tablets in one packet the difference between Pankajakasthuri and peekay tablets is no sugar candy is added in this tablets and a diabetic patient can easily consume this medicine. Also Pankajakasthuri syrup 200 ml . is available for the usage of children and the dosage is 10 ml.2 to 3 times daily.  And to know more about us see our website

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