Piles Coffee

Ingredients : Terminelia Chebula, Silajith, Allium Sativam, Eugenia Jambolana, Phylanthus Emblica, Amorphophallum Paenicfolius, Inthuppu, Aegle Marmelos + Instant Coffee.

Composition : Neels Piles Coffee is a combination of herbs Terminelia Chebula, Silajith, Allium Sativam, Eugenia Jambolana, Phylanthus Emblica, Amorphophallum Paenicfolius, Inthuppu, Aegle Marmelos. This carefully blended combination is an approved drug effectively treat and alleviate the painful discomfort caused by all kinds of haemorrhoids (piles). This combination causes a noticeable reduction in size, itching and inflammation of Piles. This Tea is efficient in treating this disease, not just the its symptoms, with no known side effects.

Clinical Trails :

Inthuppu : Swellings that have been present on the body for a long time can be cured.

Allium sativum : (amoebic dysentery, typhoid), anti-septic, anti-viral (common cold); anthelmintic - worms.

Senna leaves : It has been highly recommended in bleeding from the lungs, stomach, or kidneys, and in dysentery. It has, however, been found advantageous in leucorrhoea, gonorrhoea, piles, and chronic mucous discharges.The leaves are used for arresting hemorrhages from wounds.

Eugenia Jambolana : This extract is used as a carminative in diarrhoea, stomachic and astringent. No poisoning or other harmful effects have been reported. The saponins and alkaloidal constituents are mainly responsible for its pharmacological activity.

Aegle Marmelos : Used medicinally to treat dysentary, and as a refreshing beverage. These herbs cure the fevers caused by tridosho, stop pain in the abdomen, the palpitation of the heart, and allay urinary troubles. They are very useful in alternating with the spells of constipation.

Terminalia chebula : Traditionally used in chronic diarrhea and dysentery, flatulence, vomiting, colic, and enlarged spleen and liver. It enhances bioassimilation, memory, rejuvenating, prevents aging and disease, digests easily, nourishes body tissues.

Phylanthus Emblica :
It is a tonic, has a haematinic and lipalytic function useful in Scurvy and Jaundice, prevents Indigestion and controls acidity as well as it's a natural source of anti-ageing. Cleanses the intestine and regulates blood sugar. Useful in hemorrhoids, gastritis and colitis

Steviacide : In order to make the coffee more palatable Natural Herbal Sweetener called ‘Stevia' is added. No need to add sugar. Stevia, the natural herb is non-caloric sweetener. Used as digestive aid and as a tropical dressing for wound healing.

Action : Neels Piles Coffee offers a painless solution to piles in their early stages. In most cases this beverage not only help to reduce the bleeding, discomfort and itching, but also restore elasticity, remove venous congestion and help to get rid of piles permanently without any side effects. It is suitable for use during pregnancy.

Instant : The Coffee which cures all kinds of Piles is ready instantaneously. Add it to a cup of hot water and drink. All the ingredients are water soluble and instant in nature.

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