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4 JUNE, 2006
25 JUNE, 2006

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  JANUARY 5, 2006

Ayurvedic product manufactures are obviously supporting Ramdev and discrediting Karat's claim. More than that, for the first time in Ayurveda's history, they

Are exhorting that the ancient science is purely herbal and that manufacture stick to that diktat. No animals, no humans. And metals? Perhaps some, they admit. For instance Bastian Suresh, who runs the 19-year-old Cochin Ayurvedic Centre and claims that even President APJ Abdul Kalam uses his products, says, "No Ayurvedic company can include

animal or human parts in its products. What Ms Karat is saying is false. As for metals, Indian biggies like Dabur, Zandu Himalaya and Baidyanath have been implicated in some Western reports. The inclusion of heavy metal in medicine can damage trhe kidney and might as well issue a visa to go the heavens.

18 JUNE-2 JULY 2006

Cochin Ayurvedic Centre, a well-known name in the world of Ayurvedic medicines, recently received Gold Award for business excellence in New York. The owner, Mr. Bastian Suresh, who set up the store in Lodi Colony in 1988, received the award.

Even though being an engineering graduate, Bastian opted for this line because he had a

Special tilt towards Ayurveda and his venture clicked because at that time there were very few Ayurvedic centre in the Capital at that time. Ayurvedic medicines like Bilex,

single dose medicine for jaundice, Kamilari capsules, a premium liver supplement for all kinds of lever complaints have become the need of the hour for people in the north part of the country. Apart from catering to domestic customers, Cochin Ayurvedic Centre is already exporting drugs to several countries. The certificate says: 'Cochin Ayurvedic Centre awarded with the Quality Summit New York 2006 Gold Award for Excellence and Business Prestige in recognition of the continuous search for quality demonstrated by the achievement of ongoing development and innovation applied to solutions which create business result'. Cochin Ayurvedic Centre is at 33, New Municipal D/S Market,
Lodi Colony. 24619367. Website:


Press Release
Let me take an opportunity to introduce myself that, I am Bastian Suresh owner of an Ayurvedic Centre in the name of Cochin Ayurvedic Center at Lodhi Colony Since 1988


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